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About Us is the home of the Solution Finder, a service dedicated to easily and efficiently help organizations looking for payments-related solutions find solution providers who can meet and exceed expectations and requirements.



The Solution Finder is not a new service. In fact, it has already helped hundreds of organizations from Banks and Credit Unions to Businesses of all sizes and even the US Treasury find Remote Deposit Capture Solution Providers. The original Solution Finder was hosted on and helped organizations find RDC Solutions.


Over 900 organizations used the RDC Solution Finder to choose from dozens of Solution Providers who participated in the service. In late 2017, we took the RDC Solution Finder offline so we could rebuild the "engine" and expand both the solutions covered, as well as create technology to enable other web publishers to securely offer the service.


Leveraging the success of the original RDC Solution Finder, we are in the process of inviting organizations to join the Solutions Network, as well as web publishers to become Solution Finder Partners. The official launch of the new and improved Solution Finder will take place in Q2 2020.

  • If your organization provides solutions to the Payments Industry we'd like you to join our network by clicking here.

  • If your organization has a website dedicated to membership and/or readership and you'd like to offer a valuable service to your members/readers and generate income along the way, please click here.

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